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Get Ready for Reunions

It’s never too early to start making plans for the Washington and Lee reunions this spring, and a new blog site makes it easier than ever. Just go to Reunions at W&L to keep abreast of the latest plans for the weekend of April 30 to May 2. You can filter the information by class year and can see news and notes from classmates. You are also invited to go to the Alumni Weekend Straw Poll where you can register your attendance preference and see who else from your class is planning to attend.

Are You Fan of Lexington?

Lexington has its own Facebook fan page where you can see photos and keep up with the latest doings in Metro Lex. You can become a fan at this link and try your hand at Trivia Tuesday. Lexington’s got almost 4,500 fans already–more than our official Washington and Lee Facebook page. So as long as you’re on Facebook, if you haven’t become a Washington and Lee fan, just do it and invite others to join, too. At the same time, you can also fan the Southern Inn and the Theater at Lime Kiln.

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It Snowed!

Kevin Remington Photo

The two feet of snow that blanketed Lexington and Rockbridge County on the weekend made for treacherous conditions but spectacular photography (and videography). Photographer Kevin Remington was on the W&L campus before the plows and a his shot of Holekamp Hall at the right shows what it looked like Saturday. And Terry Vosbein, professor of music at W&L, posted two videos of the snow, including one of a drive around Lexington once the roads were clear enough to drive safely. Terry, who has just published a new jazz CD, put his videos to his music. The first is Odin’s Dream, which was shot at his home, and the second is Don’t Blame Me, which is the auto tour of Lexington. Have a look at the links below:

Odin’s Dream (Snow in Lexington)

Don’t Blame Me (A Drive Through Lexington)

On the Civic Soapbox

Marc Conner

Washington and Lee English professor Marc Conner hopped up on WMRA radio’s Civic Soapbox to discuss his recent visit to the National Book Awards when he opted not to heed Thoreau’s imperative (“beware of any enterprise that requires new clothes”) and wore a tuxedo to the gala event in New York City. The awards, which honored Colum McCann’s novel Let the Great World Spin, underscored for Marc the notion that our “national, ethnic, and racial identities are re-inventing themselves and all our boundaries have become more fluid.” You can read Marc’s remarks on the WMRA blog and listen to them below:

Decade’s Hottest Colleges

The Daily Beast, former New Yorker editor Tina Brown’s Web site, has named its 15 hottest colleges of the decade this week, and Washington and Lee comes in at No. 13.  The list was compiled by Kathleen Kingsbury, who writes about education issues for The Daily Beast and also for TIME magazine. There is not any rationale for the choices offered except for this description at the start of a slide show of individual schools: “The past 10 years transformed the collegiate landscape, creating a whole new class of first-choice schools. Kathleen Kingsbury on 15 colleges that soared in the rankings.” The University of Southern California is No. 1 on The Daily Beast list, which also includes one non-U.S. institution, the University of St. Andrews, at No. 12. Check out Washington and Lee’s entry here.