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Fall 2008 Magazine

Fall 2008 Magazine

The fall 2008 edition of W&L: The Magazine of Washington and Lee University Alumni Magazine mailed in early December. Here is your chance to tell us what you think of this edition of the magazine and of the magazine in general. A reader survey is currently open and we invite everyone who has received the magazine
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Photos of the Year — So Far


Kevin Remington's shot of the Golden Dragon Chinese Acrobats

If you haven’t clicked through to see the slide show for Scene on Campus, don’t miss the year-end edition that is currently on display, both on the front of the Web site and on the Scene on Campus page. The slides represent some of the top images from the first semester as taken by W&L photographers Patrick Hinely and Kevin Remington.

Patrick Hinely's shot of Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

Patrick Hinely's shot of Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week

Catch Up with Mary Childs, Class of 2008


Mary Childs' Portraits

Mary Childs graduated from W&L in June and won a prestigious Watson Fellowship. That’s the fellowship that gives a college graduate the chance to spend a whole year of “independent, purposeful exploration and travel outside the U.S.” In other words, Watsons allow the recipients to do some fascinating stuff. Mary is spending her year traveling to Brazil, Japan, China, Australia, Thailand, Morocco, the UAE, and France. And everywhere she goes, she’s doing portraits of the people she finds. Better yet, she’s blogging about it and letting us in on those portraits she’s done already. In fact, she’s got a couple of different blogs, including some photo slide shows. So start with the blog that she calls “The New Cartography,” where she posted this week from down under in Melbourne. But be sure to check out her portraits on her Portfolio blog, where she currently has almost 100 examples of what she’s doing. Mary wants your feedback, too, so you’ll be doing her favor if you write to the e-mail address on her blog.

Modern Electronia Podcasts or Cool Music

podcastMusic 397 is the advanced composition class at Washington and Lee. At a meeting about podcasts on campus this week, Graham Spice, the music department’s audio engineer and technology guru, introduced folks to that class’s podcast. Students are required to submit weekly composition assignments that they create using Ableton Live, a heavy duty software suite used to make electronic music. Each week the student composers are given a particular style in which they have to create their music. But here’s the cool part. All of the compositions wind up as part of a class podcast, so you can listen to the pieces and you can also subscribe to the podcast so that they show up on your iTunes or any other podcasting tool. It is the first, and maybe, the only truly syndicated podcast at W&L. So take a look and a listen. Here’s one quick recommendation: Will Harbaugh’s Southern Nights is definitely worth a listen.

Tributes to Odell McGuire

Vintage Odell McGuire

Odell McGuire

The death last week of Odell McGuire has led many of his former students to recall stories of their days in his classes. A blog in the Roanoke Times, CutnScratch with music reporter Tad Dickens, had a nice piece on Odell Tuesday. Dickens quotes liberally from an email he received about Odell from W&L alum Scott Ainslee. There is a wonderful story from 1970 about Odell getting to class late covered in mud and telling the lab that he’s just spent the weekend at a fiddler’s convention in West Virginia where there had been a flood and Odell had spent a good bit of time helping people push their cars out of the mud. With that, he told the students: “If I fall over in mid-sentence, I expect you to file out quietly. I will flunk any student that wakes me.” There are more good stories on that blog entry. Check them out. And also check out the obituary in today’s Roanoke Times.

Mike Henry Introduces The Cleveland Show

Mike Henry, a member of W&L’s Class of 1988, is known by many as the voice of the popular Family Guy character Cleveland Brown. And now he’s about to have a show of his own. Henry will launch The Cleveland Show on Fox-TV next fall. The show’s been in the planning stages and under wraps for a while, but an audience at (of all places) New York’s Carnegie Hall got a preview last month at The Family Guy Sings!, which rated a piece in the New York Times that focused mostly on Henry’s new show. Here are a couple of cool YouTube pieces: a preview of the Cleveland Show and an interview with Henry. Enjoy!