Wicked Problems

David Touve

The final sentence of David Touve’s description of his Spring Term course, “Wicked Problems,” is a succinct explanation of what the course is all about:  “Simply put, the purpose of this course is to find a few ways and a few people willing to change the world.”

Touve, a professor of business administration at Washington and Lee, discussed “wicked problems” and how to go about solving them on WMRA public radio’s “Virginia Insight” program today.

The concept of “wicked problems” was introduced formally in 1973 to describe problems (e.g., hunger, disease, poverty, energy shortage) that cannot be tackled with traditional problem-solving.

Touve designed his course, part of W&L’s entrepreneurship program, to teach students how to apply entrepreneurial methods to start or manage an organization that addresses those problems.

Listen to the program below:

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