Retiring After 253 Years

Five of the eight retirees were in attendance at the Recognition Banquet. First row, from left, Kathleen H. Dunlap and Dora B. Coleman; second row, from left, John DeCourcy, Kenneth F. (Digger) Swink and Emory W. Higgins Jr.

Washington and Lee celebrated the careers of seven retiring members of the University staff at the annual Employee Recognition Banquet on Thursday. Altogether, the seven have a combined 253 years of service to W&L. The winner in that category, by quite a distance, is Kathleen H. Dunlap, or Miss Kitty as she has been known to generations. She first joined the University in 1959.

The retirees are:

  • Dora B. Coleman, Marketplace cook, 1989–2010
  • John H. DeCourcy, director of financial aid, 1983–2010
  • Kathleen H. Dunlap, Washington Hall receptionist, 1959–2010
  • Emory W. Higgins Jr., HVAC/plumber, 1979–2010
  • Frances E. Moore, custodian, 1995-2010
  • Brenda D. Reese, textbook buyer, 1966–2010
  • Carole M. Shorter, executive assistant to the dean of the School of Law, 1983–2009
  • Kenneth F. “Digger” Swink, paint shop supervisor, 1972–2010

In addition, 55 employees were recognized for their years of service to the University:

Fifty Years Service

  • Kathleen H. Dunlap

Forty-Five Years Service

  • Linda H. Agnor

Thirty-Five Years Service

  • Raymond E. Bryant
  • Ernest R. Hostetter

Thirty Years Service

  • Bernard F. Butler III
  • Julia S. Cline
  • Emory W. Higgins, Jr.
  • Martha C. Rowsey
  • Wanda R. Scott
  • Judith S. Stinson

Twenty-Five Years

  • Eldridge H. Alderman
  • Linda G. Hall
  • Peggy C. Pugh
  • Larry W. Stuart

Twenty Years Service

  • William F. Clark
  • Ricky G. Clifton
  • Dora B. Coleman
  • Melissa M. Cox
  • Claude E. Floyd III
  • David C. Glassford
  • Deborah A. Hattersley
  • John B. Hellmuth
  • Larry D. Hostetter
  • Andrew L. Martin
  • Sheryl F. Salm
  • Deborah M. Stoner
  • Wanda K. Swartz
  • Michael H. Tolley
  • Michael F. Walsh

Fifteen Years Service

  • Lynda G. Bassett-deMaria
  • Lisa J. Dunlap
  • Patricia S. Johnson
  • Frances E. Moore
  • Judith W. Owens
  • Penny O. Patterson
  • Susan L. Thompson
  • Diederik A. van Assendelft
  • Denise M. Watts

Ten Years Service

  • Christopher G. Adkins
  • Elizabeth O. Branner
  • Thomas G. Contos
  • Gregory J. Cooper
  • Zola S. Goodbar
  • Nicholas D. Gualtieri
  • Adolph H. Humphreys
  • Janet Ikeda Yuba
  • James D. Kaster
  • Cynthia M. Lawson
  • Paul S. Merchant
  • Emily H. Nicely
  • Suzanne G. Noonan
  • Daniel R. Rexrode
  • Rhonda H. Rhodenizer
  • Dean E. Tallman
  • Charles L. Updike

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  1. 1 Cassie Hunt April 25, 2010 at 9:03 am

    The Washington Hall lobby is not going to be the same without Kitty Dunlap!

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