Still Playing Clarence Darrow


Warren Mowry as Clarence Darrow (Greenville News photograph by Heidi Heilbrunn)

As an undergraduate at Washington and Lee, Warren Mowry first brought Clarence Darrow to the stage in a one-man show. A history and theatre major, Mowry performed Darrow as a senior project in 1978. He went on to the University of South Carolina School of Law, spent a dozen years as a prosecutor for South Carolina’s 13th judicial circuit, and is now in private practice in Greenville, S.C. Throughout the years since his W&L graduation, Warren has continued to bring Clarence Darrow to life on the stage. Just last week a review in the Greenville News called the show at Greenville’s Centre Stage “a one-man tour de force.” Warren told the News that times have definitely changed since he first played Darrow: “I will tell you parenthetically that at 21, it took me more than two hours to create the appropriate make-up. Now, it takes 40 minutes. I guess I’m growing into it.”

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  1. 1 wick vellines November 11, 2009 at 5:16 pm

    why don’t you think about coming up to W&L and doing the show? Is that of interest? I teach trial practice at the law school and as you know, story telling is a big part of the art of trial work.The Darrow story is so interesting too.Let me know…

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