Another Cy Twombly Exhibit

Visitors to the Twombly exhibit in Vienna

Visitors to the Twombly exhibit in Vienna

Last month we cited the new Cy Twombly (Class of 1953) exhibit opening at the Art Institute of Chicago. But if you’re summer travels don’t include the Windy City, you can also see a major retrospective of Cy’s work in Vienna this summer. “Sensations of the Moment” is at the Museum Moderner Kunst and comprises around 200 drawings, paintings, sculptures, collages and photos. wrote a piece about the exhibit earlier this month, noting that the artist has worked with photography since the early 1950s but the Vienna exhibition is the first time that his photographic work will be shown with his other works. The article goes on to say that the photographs “offer insight into the environment surrounding his creative process — evoking the images of Constantin Brancusi’s studio — whether in his adopted country of Italy, in Rome, in Bassano di Teverina, or the coastal village Gaeta, or, more recently, in the city of his birth Lexington, Virginia.” So you may see a little of Rockbridge County in Vienna. If you’re fluent in German, you’ll enjoy a YouTube video that promotes the Vienna exhibit on the MUMOK Web site, which features a special section on the exhibit. Here is a link to the video.

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  1. 1 Meredith June 18, 2009 at 8:58 am

    Great post! The Viennese are very excited for this exhibit. If any Alumni are interested in meeting up with a fellow Alum for a delicious Viennese coffee, feel free to contact me here !

    Meredith Hibbard


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