W&L Lax and the Wall Street Journal

Generals lax on the Wall Street Journal site

Generals lax on the Wall Street Journal site

OK, so Kelly Evans gets yet another shout-out on the W&L News Blog. This time Kelly, economics report for the Wall Street Journal and a member of W&L’s Class of 2007, has a video report on the surge in lacrosse’s popularity in which she talks about her college lax experience and her current club experience in New York City. In advance of this weekend’s men’s and women’s championships in Foxboro, Mass., Kelly talks about the fact that the sport has spread out geographically, especially on the women’s side. There’s another aspect of the video that makes it newsworthy for W&L since many of the photographs of Kelly that you’ll see were taken by Kevin Remington, a University photographer on the Public Affair staff. Kevin even gets credit. So be sure to have a look. Click here for a link to the video.

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  1. 1 Dick Grefe May 21, 2009 at 9:38 am

    Kelly failed to mention that a lot of us who attend W&L women’s lacrosse matches have relied for years upon her father to explain (interpret, divine, guess, etc.) officials’ calls and other mysteries out on the field. Once Colleen graduates, the game once again will become a bit unfathomable for some of us. Can we get Dave Evans some sort of grant or fellowship to be a permanent commentator-in-the-bleachers?
    Great job, Kelly.

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