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Doug Cumming

A lynching in Coweta County, Ga., is the subject of a wonderful, if grisly,  piece titled “Leaving Atlanta” that Washington and Lee journalism professor Doug Cumming has contributed to a new Web site called “Like the Dew.” Cumming is an alumnus of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and former AJC writers have established “Like the Dew,” referring to the tag line that was once used to describe the Atlanta Journal, which boasted that it “covered Dixie like the dew.” Doug studies and writes about Southern journalism, and his piece on “Like the Dew” starts with an interview that Ralph McGill, former editor and publisher of the Atlanta Constitution, had with W.E.B. DuBois. Doug’s piece is fascinating and, if you’re interested in Southern culture, it’s a good way to start reading “Like the Dew.” Hopefully Doug will continue to contribute.

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  1. 1 Keith Graham May 8, 2009 at 1:36 pm

    Well said. Doug Cumming, who was highly revered as a writer and editor during his days at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, has produced a wonderfully written piece on a very painful episode in Southern history. Thanks for calling attention to his story and to, which welcomes contributions from writers interested in probing into the South’s, culture, history and politics.

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