C-SPAN Civics Bus Makes a Visit

civics_bus_250The question is sure to be asked sometime Wednesday: what’s the deal with that bus parked in front of Graham-Lees? The bus in question is the C-SPAN Civics Bus, and it’s making a visit to Washington and Lee on Wednesday between 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. It will indeed be parked on West Washington in front of Graham-Lees, and everyone is invited to stop by and have a look. C-SPAN launched its bus program in 1993 as a way to bring the world of public affairs into schools and communities nationwide. The two C-SPAN Buses have visited students, teachers, and citizens in all 50 states to discuss media, public affairs, and C-SPAN’s programming and free educational resources.The 45-foot long mobile multi-media demonstration centers are equipped with TV production units that can be used as studios during live programs, such as C-SPAN’s Washington Journal. The W&L visit is part of a “100 Days, 100 Schools” tour in which the buses will be visiting 100 colleges and schools between Jan. 21 and April 30. The bus has 3 TV cameras, 2 robotically controlled and 1 handheld unit for off-bus interviews and video shoot. With the state of the art television production and computer equipment on board, studio facilities, design elements and year round maintenance, the bus represents about a $1 million investment.

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