More Alumni Music

large1In Monday’s blog, we noted the reviews that musician Scott Ainslie of the Class of 1974 has been getting for his most recent album. Now we learn that another alum of the same era, Monty Vickers of the Class of 1975, has come out with his very first album which is, as he says, 55 years in the making. By day, Monty is an optometrist in St. Albans, W.Va., and also writes a column titled “Chairside” for the Review of Optometry. According to his Web site, Monty learned to play a little guitar from his dad and was in a couple of bands along the way, including a folk trio called “Monty, Paul and Mary,” for which he, appropriately, apologizes. But not long ago he went back to writing songs and playing the guitar and has produced his premier album, Cellular. Monty describes the music as “very personal, quiet, and introspective about life, family, suburbia, and love…” You can find Cellular at two different independent music sites, and Digstation. Once you get those sites, just search for Monty Vickers to find Cellular. And a donation is made to the Lance Armstrong Foundation for every copy sold.

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