W&L on LinkedIn

linkedinGiven the state of the economy, Linkedin has become a valuable resource for many, including many Washington and Lee alumni. In case you haven’t been there, there are currently four different W&L groups on Linkedin where alumni can connect with one another. Two are general, one is for alumni in private equity and venture capital, and a fourth is for law graduates. Activity has picked up recently, and you’ll find some good conversations. Beverly Lorig, director of career services at W&L, recently posed a question to the group about alumni-affiliated search firms. Anyone in the job market right now would find many of the discussion valuable, but one thread that really stands out was a question posed by a 2008 graduate who wanted general job hunting device. You have to be a member to see it, but if you go to the Washington and Lee group and look for the discussion titled “Advice for a Recent Graduate” you’ll find it. Links for all the W&L Linkedin groups are found at the bottom of our Social Networking page.

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