Happy 200th, Mr. Lincoln


Today is the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth and an apt moment to point to the recent work of two Washington and Lee faculty members. Ted DeLaney, head of the history department, is the author of an opinion piece on Lincoln that appeared in last Sunday’s Fredericksburg Free-Lance Star. Titled “A Pragmatic and Honest Abe Got the Job Done,” DeLaney’s piece responds to some of Lincoln’s modern-day detractors. Meantime, you can hear some of W&L politics professor Lucas Morel’s thoughts about Lincoln on this podcast (this is an mp3 file) posted at the Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs at Ohio’s Ashland University. Morel, who is on leave at Princeton this year, was interviewed  by Peter Schram for the  “You Americans’ podcast series and discusses Lincoln’s three short speeches on his way to the inauguration (the Feb 11 Farewell Speech; the Feb 21 Address to the New Jersey Senate; and the Feb 22 Speech at Independence Hall). You’ll find several other conversations beween Morel and Schram from over the years on the podcast page. One additional note: the Library of Congress opens a new Lincoln exhibition today and, as part of that exhibition, has scheduled a special Lincoln symposium on March 4. Morel is one of the five Lincoln scholars who will give presentations at the event. His topic is “Lincoln on Race, Equality, and the Spirit of ’76.” Details of that symposium are available on this pdf file.

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