Blogging the Super Bowl Advertising

superbowlWe tried something new during Sunday’s Super Bowl with a live blog about the advertisements featuring Washington and Lee business administration professor Amanda Bowers and a couple of students from her advertising class — one former, Will Chamberlin, and one current, Meredith Freeman. This year’s ads cost $3 million for 30 seconds, so one of the big questions is who got their money’s worth. Among the W&L bloggers Hyundai scored big with Budweiser (who knew a Clydesdale spoke with a Scottish accent) getting points for the right tone during an economic downturn. Meredith liked GE’s ads; Will liked what Bridgestone did with Mr. Potato Head, and Amanda thought that Cash4Gold got legitimacy. The big losers? All agreed that Teleflora and might have found a better way to spend their advertising dollars. And Meredith was not a fan of the Dorita’s spots. Read their thoughts on the W&L AdLibs blog.

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