Why not?

groupereyeTed Williams, a 2007 Washington and Lee graduate, has developed a Web-based recruitment company with a most curious name: What does GrouperEye mean, exactly? Interviewed for a story about his company by a reporter for, a Web site for recruiters, Ted said that while he wishes he had a clever story behind the name, he doesn’t. He chose a name that would be “unique and memorable” like the experience he hopes his company will create for college students who are looking for internships. So what’s GrouperEye do? It’s a recruitment site for college students but with a twist. Companies post projects to GrouperEye and students are invited to submit proposals to win internships and prizes. For example, The Motley Fool Newsletters group has posted a case in which students are asked to develop a new premium newsletter and must submit a two-page presentation that includes pricing and marketing strategy. The winner gets $100, a free newsletter subscription, lunch with some Motley Fool officials, and, probably most importantly, noticed by the folks at Motley Fool. In the article on, Ted provided a wonderful description of what he’s trying to do: “You can ask any college student and they will tell you the system is dumb. Unless you have close to a 4.0 (GPA) or know wealthy people who can hook you up with a job, finding a job is the wild, wild West. Companies need to discover and hire the best talent. Students need a way to get noticed for their ideas and originality.” Be sure to read Ted’s blog on the GrouperEye site. He has a great story about selling paper door to door (not for Dunder Mifflin). And you can also check out his online VisualCV, and you can see everything he’s been up to and can also take a look at the sitcom pilot activities and also view the sitcom pilot that he and classmate Billy Arnold shot at W&L in their senior year.

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