From Organic Chemistry to Kids’ PJs


A while back we blogged about a former pre-med major at W&L who has made his mark as a prize-winning barbecue chef. So how about this? Introducing a W&L chemistry major who has created a company that manufactures and markets 100 percent certified organic cotton pajamas for children. Nicole Johnson Weinberger is a 1999 W&L grad who spent several years as an organic chemist before deciding that she wanted to devote her time to finding ways to reduce kids’ exposure to chemicals and toxins. So she got an M.B.A. from Rutgers and founded the company called New Jammies. The initial line of sleepwear is decorated with fruits and vegetables and each pair comes with with a storybook that promotes healthy eating. (You’ll find the tag line “Eat Right, Sleep Tight” on the New Jammies Web site.) Nicole is the author and illustrator of the storybooks. A recent design for the PJs has sports themes like golf and tennis. Weinberger’s product is getting lots of positive buzz in the media with a column in the New York Daily News and another on A liberal arts education anyone?

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