Catch Up with Mary Childs, Class of 2008


Mary Childs' Portraits

Mary Childs graduated from W&L in June and won a prestigious Watson Fellowship. That’s the fellowship that gives a college graduate the chance to spend a whole year of “independent, purposeful exploration and travel outside the U.S.” In other words, Watsons allow the recipients to do some fascinating stuff. Mary is spending her year traveling to Brazil, Japan, China, Australia, Thailand, Morocco, the UAE, and France. And everywhere she goes, she’s doing portraits of the people she finds. Better yet, she’s blogging about it and letting us in on those portraits she’s done already. In fact, she’s got a couple of different blogs, including some photo slide shows. So start with the blog that she calls “The New Cartography,” where she posted this week from down under in Melbourne. But be sure to check out her portraits on her Portfolio blog, where she currently has almost 100 examples of what she’s doing. Mary wants your feedback, too, so you’ll be doing her favor if you write to the e-mail address on her blog.

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