Modern Electronia Podcasts or Cool Music

podcastMusic 397 is the advanced composition class at Washington and Lee. At a meeting about podcasts on campus this week, Graham Spice, the music department’s audio engineer and technology guru, introduced folks to that class’s podcast. Students are required to submit weekly composition assignments that they create using Ableton Live, a heavy duty software suite used to make electronic music. Each week the student composers are given a particular style in which they have to create their music. But here’s the cool part. All of the compositions wind up as part of a class podcast, so you can listen to the pieces and you can also subscribe to the podcast so that they show up on your iTunes or any other podcasting tool. It is the first, and maybe, the only truly syndicated podcast at W&L. So take a look and a listen. Here’s one quick recommendation: Will Harbaugh’s Southern Nights is definitely worth a listen.

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