Tributes to Odell McGuire

Vintage Odell McGuire

Odell McGuire

The death last week of Odell McGuire has led many of his former students to recall stories of their days in his classes. A blog in the Roanoke Times, CutnScratch with music reporter Tad Dickens, had a nice piece on Odell Tuesday. Dickens quotes liberally from an email he received about Odell from W&L alum Scott Ainslee. There is a wonderful story from 1970 about Odell getting to class late covered in mud and telling the lab that he’s just spent the weekend at a fiddler’s convention in West Virginia where there had been a flood and Odell had spent a good bit of time helping people push their cars out of the mud. With that, he told the students: “If I fall over in mid-sentence, I expect you to file out quietly. I will flunk any student that wakes me.” There are more good stories on that blog entry. Check them out. And also check out the obituary in today’s Roanoke Times.

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