W&L Military Alums in the News


Tony DeMartino '89, left

Two Washington and Lee alumni serving in the military — U.S. Army Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Tony DeMartino ’89 and Lt. Col. Christopher Beckert ’88, deputy commanding officer, 2nd HBCT — have been in the news lately. A U.S. News & World Report article from Nov. 25 describes a dinner that Tony had with the governor of the Ghanzi province in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the New York Daily News had a photograph of  Tony carving turkeys on Thanksgiving. Note that the caption is wrong; Tony is second from the left. In an Army Times feature last month, Tony is quoted at length, saying among other things, “I guess the secret to our success is … understanding that the Afghan people are what matter and getting that down to the soldier level.”

Chris Beckert was in Iraq at the beginning of the invasion and is back now helping with the rebuilding. As an aside, you probably didn’t know that Chris gets credit for coining the phrase Green Zone in Baghdad. His current role is to see that the essential services are being take care of by the city of Baghdad, and that work was chronicled in the on-line News Blaze from Dec. 7.

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