Alum’s Blog Post Promotes Professor’s Book

simpson_bookA sign of the times: a Washington and Lee alum gives credit to a former professor in a blog post. In this case, Lewis Perkins, a 1993 graduate, promotes a book by Pamela Simpson, professor of art history, in a post on a Fast Company blog about sustainability. Lewis now works for the Mohawk Group, where he is director of sustainable strategies and focuses on the carpet company’s environmental initiatives. In fact, the next issue of Washington and Lee’s magazine will tell you more about Lewis’s current work as part of a package of stories on sustainability issues, but you’ll have to wait for the magazine to arrive later this month for that story. In the meantime, Lewis has written a fascinating post about the comeback of prefabricated buildings and sustainable materials, and he credits his former professor for her 1999 book, Cheap, Quick, and Easy: Imitative Architectural Materials, 1870 – 1930. As Lewis writes of the book: “…Simpson examines the use of faux materials in construction, including the rock face concrete block and linoleum.” Lewis goes on to write that he took three architecture courses from Simpson, and recalls her lectures about the development prefabricated homes at the turn of the 20th century. You can see more of Lewis’s posts here.

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