Wasserman Column Examines Fragmented Media

Ed Wasserman

Ed Wasserman

Ed Wasserman, the Knight professor of journalism ethics at Washington and Lee, has an excellent column this week about the current state of journalism and the Obama presidency. Wasserman’s columns appear in the Miami Herald and are syndicated by McClatchy Newspapers. In his column, Wasserman examines the media landscape into which the next president will have to work. It’s not a pretty picture that he paints of media — from newspapers to network TV to the blogosphere with no “civic coherence,” as Wasserman states it. Slicing the audience into fragments may not make for good journalism, he says, adding: “[h]armony’s bad business.” Here’s an excerpt:

The upshot is a media universe that’s peevish and contentious, peopled by commentators with a cause and anchors with a chip on their shoulders, which sows outrage and thrives on discord.

The column is here on the Miami Herald Web site.

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