Drew McWay ’08 Blogging from Peru

Drew McWay in Nicaragua

Drew McWay in Nicaragua

Drew McWay, a 2008 W&l graduate from Dallas, was one of the winners of a grant as part of the 100 Projects for Peace program. McWay received a $10,000 grant, and the accounting and business administration major has used it to partner with a small microfinance group based in Peru. The company, Sinergia, loans money to women who want to own their own businesses.

Drew has a blog that has recently become active after a bit of a hiatus. The blog now features a financial report for Sinergia. As Drew explains,

The financial report contains a snapshot of the company’s current financial condition as well as a income statement that shows how Sinergia has used its donations since its inception in January 2007. More interestingly, the report also contains a explanation of the vision and mission of our organziation and a couple of testimonies from women in the community with whom we work.

The report features some wonderful photography and so does Drew’s blog. The stories in the report are about the loan recipients, who range from a birthday cake maker to a spice maker. On his blog Drew also writes about his 39-day tour of Central America. Stop by Drew’s blog. He’d probably enjoy a comment from back at W&L.

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