New Home Page Features

In case you haven’t paid attention, the W&L home page has a slightly new look today. It might not qualify as a total face lift, but there have been some strategic nips and tucks that are well worth looking at. For instance, users can now choose to look at five different student profiles at the top of the page without having to refresh to see who pops up next. The weekly slide show, Scene on Campus, has a cool new look on the page where you can see the week’s images before you click through to go to the show. The news and events feature has moved to the left hand side of the page, and you can expect to see more stories there throughout the week. There is also a spot on the home page for important messages that may not rise to the level of emergency communications but that can alert the community to information that all members ought to have — for instance, a power outage or a chance in the University’s schedule for some reason. Let us know what you think about the page as it continues to get tweaked from time to time.

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