Scott Hoover on Dr. Phil Friday

Scott Hoover, W&L associate professor of business administration, will discuss his claim against the Virginia Lottery on Friday’s edition of the Dr. Phil Show, which airs at 4 p.m. locally on the NBC affiliate, WSET (Channel 9 on Comcast cable). The entire show is devoted to stories about people who fought the system, and Scott, currently on leave and at the University of Miami, will be discussing his suit against the Virginia Lottery in which he alleges that the lottery has collected tens of millions of dollars in revenue from people who bought scratch-off tickets that had no chance of winning the top prize. You can read the Washington Post story about the suit from this past June. The segments were taped in Los Angeles. A description of the show is on Dr. Phil’s Web site, scroll down to the Sept. 26 entry. The Web site will also have transcripts from the show next week.

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